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Postpartum bath is a traditional Mexican therapy where the physical, emotional and spiritual body is integrated for the healing of women after childbirth.
The postpartum bath is made up of 3 comprehensive therapies:
1) bath with healing herbs where we heal emotional birth wounds with the heat of the water and the smell of the plants.
2) body massage.  It is a hot massage that helps to accommodate muscles and organs in the natural place of the body, helping physical recovery.
3) batter massage.  It is an ancestral indigenous technique in which the physical and spiritual body of the woman is closed from head to head with shawls.

 This Postpartum bath can be given to any woman who had a natural birth and it is recommended to do it from a week after delivery 4 times during the puerperium or forty, it can also be done from 1 month to years after the baby is born.
Postpartum bath in women with cesarean section: it is recommended 3 months after the cesarean section

3 hours -  $250 usd

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