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We are Maryposas

We are a small spa center downtown in Cozumel, providing holistic services in massage, beauty, alternative medicine and art.

Rejuvanatin facial

We treat with our hands and heal with our heart.

Our Team


Born and raised in Spain. Fate led her to focus on healing since 1991. She learned different massage techniques, polarity therapy, kinesiology, bach flowers, and shiatsu, among others. Chinese medicine made him understand in a deeper sense that the human being is a correlated being; Body, mind, emotions and spirit. She is always striving to learn and is always looking for new healing methods.


Juan Pablo

Since he was a child, he was a painter and inventor of mechanical objects. . He studied functional design in Guadalajara. Lover of nature and adventure, he dedicated himself to diving and windsurfing instructor for more than 20 years. Currently he dedicates all his time to make his works of art from oil painting inspired by nature and unique pieces of lamps and furniture.

Meet Our Team
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My connection with nature and the sacred practice of meditation, took me to explore therapies with Water (Dolphin Dancing), Earth (Massage), Ether (Reiki), Universe (Chigong) and Fire (Temazcal) 

My love for mother earth and elevation of consciousness guides me in my therapies, and I offer them as a means of healing and self-connection

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She is a therapist who specializes in women from menarche to menopause, supporting especially in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, specializing in prenatal massage and postpartum care by caesarean section and natural delivery.
  She has obtained her knowledge around the world learning massage techniques in India, Thailand, New Zealand, London and of course techniques from traditional Mexican culture which helps her adapt to each client and help them with the needs of each one, specialist in Mexican herbalism and natural treatments.


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